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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PDT

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will swarm flies on you and your servants and on your people and into your houses, the houses of the egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies and also the ground on which they stand. and in that day i will set apart the land of goshen in which my people dwell that no swarms of flies shall be [inaudible] in order that they may know [inaudible]. >> thank you very much. the overhead, please. >> sfgov sunnyside tv? yes. tom [speaker not understood], south marina apartments. i guess last night the most amount of people in the city and county of san francisco slept with their windows open.
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i don't think anybody would want more noise to come through. i think it's probably a few people that would like less noise to come through. i would like to stop its growth. we've got the overhead, good. this is the noise ordinance of 2008 and i paid extra money to get the mayor's signature. he signed it on november 25th. so, it became law december 25th, christmas morning. okay. this is the same bill when it was going through. the yellow tag is from tom rivard who was our noise man. and who just recently retired, he basically wrote it. he sent it to me during -- when it was going through [speaker not understood], section 29 09 deals with your issues marked by green. all the best. tom rivard.
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and this is basically residential property noise. they can go, if you build something, remodel something, you can go five decibels above what we heard last night. that's noise. and on the other page it will say commercial places can go 8 decibels. and we know that when you go to 10 decibels, basically you're doubling the amount of noise. and we'll end today, that's the noise map of 2009. and the deeper colors, that's a lot of noise. that's a little noise. but it's all one [inaudible]. thank you. >> thank you very much.
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thank you. next speaker. good afternoon, honorable board of supervisors. [speaker not understood] and i am [speaker not understood] living in the mission district in san francisco. if you are as tired as i am of hearing me [speaker not understood]. i'm confident [speaker not understood], i'm not going to talk about [speaker not understood] anything like that. i'm confident that this body will raise [speaker not understood].
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you've been getting pressure from both sides including me asking you to vote this way or that way. i'm confident that [speaker not understood]. the principles that were instilled in you by your parents, your teachers, the principals that you swear under oath to be on this body to represent the people and to administer justice in this case, you are asked to be the judge. i'm just saying [speaker not understood] the only way to [speaker not understood] this political battle is to pull back on your principles and the ethics of it just this case on its merits. in the future, [speaker not understood], [speaker not
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understood]. >> thanks. next speaker. good afternoon, i'm peter war field, executive library users association. and i'll be using the overhead at some point. in two weeks' time it will be so far the last day that the muir and bernal heights branch library will be protected. after that it will be presumably free for the library to [speaker not understood]. this will be the culmination if it happens of a betrayal of art and culture, a betrayal of democracy, and a convenient arrangement that will shovel money in the direction of the
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friends of sfpo, complete with its own secrecy clause. let's look at the recap of what's happening. the overhead, please. this is a front panel, left panel of the [speaker not understood] and other musical folks, and that is to be replaced by this [speaker not understood] unfortunately. some people have called it hurls and swirls, others a mustache. the side panel honors working women which are 1980 to '82 when this went up -- overhead, please -- was not a commonplace thing. that will be replaced by a tree with bits that are reminiscent of a few of the themes of the previous mural. the betrayal of democracy
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involved a whole series of undemocratic thing including a so-called community process, but had no publicly announced meetings, no agendas, no minutes, no recorded votes. when we requested information from supervisor campos who kicked it off, we got hundreds of pages like this and like this and like this. only after hearing at the central task force did we get the unredacted material. >> thank you. next speaker. last week we learned that there were 74 90 year cycles from joshua to 1996. we also had the 7 -- remember 7 is the number of perfection in the word of god. 360 years from the destruction
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of the temple. the reason they don't know this, i can mention many preachers, is because they and others believe that jerusalem was destroyed in 587 b.c. or approximately 587 b.c., which leads them to a false conclusion. but before jesus ascended -- can we put this up? has it been up yet? my scripture? >> sfgovtv. he said, lord, will at this time restore the kingdom. jesus beginning at moses and all the prophets did expounded to them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself. and he said to them, these are the words which i spoke to you while i was yet with you that all things must yet be fulfilled which were written in the prophets, daniel being one of those prophets. and, so, doubtless they understood clearly as he expounded to them the scripture
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that he must have needs be cut off, murdered, assassinated, killed, which cut off always means one of those, cease breathing, be placed in the grave to be dead. in the 4 87th year. they said, lord, well, about this time restore the kingdom to israel? they were thinking is it four more years? if he kaz cut off in pass over which was 14 days into the fourth year of the 70th sabbatical cycle, the 490th year would end at four years about this time. but you have to understand, see -- i wish i had more time really. honestly i'd almost pay you money to let me preach for an hour. i can't do it. i have three second. 560 times 3-1/2 -- >> thank you very much. next speaker.
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it is one thing to anticipate a death because of old age or sickness. [ video
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presentation] it is quite another to experience the sudden violent death of a loved one. >> why are we wasting our money on other things when we can solve crimes with our loved ones being murdered in violence on the street? we waste our money on ross's thing when our chill drink are still laying in the grave. what do we do? * children why are we wasting money on this? i'm not advocating for anybody. i'm advocating for my child and these young men that are dying in the streets in this senseless violence. but if we can waste money on other things, why can't we waste money on our children? because they're african-american? what if they were all another nationality? >> san francisco has seen an unprecedented number of homicides [gunshot].
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[siren] how long am i going to have to come down here and do there? when am i going to get justice for our children? when am i going to get justice? the homicide victim are a people of color. this is just not about my child. living in neighborhoods of scarcity and neglect must deal with the personal tragedy at the same time facing the crime and violence in the neighborhood that's around them every day. i'll continue to do this. i will continue to do this. my son -- i should have been burying my son, not my son -- i mean, my son should have been burying me, not my son burying
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me [inaudible]. [end of video presentation] >> thank you very much. are there any other members of the public that wish to speak in general public comment? seeing none, general public comment is closed. madam clerk, could you go to the adoption calendar? >> item 29 is a resolution authorizing the installation of a new rosie the riveter plaque on the north sidewalk of vallejo street at the key intersection of kearny street. >> colleagues, can we take a roll call vote on this item? >> on item 29, supervisor olague? aye. supervisor wiener? aye. supervisor avalos? aye. supervisor campos?
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aye. president chiu? aye. supervisor chu? aye. supervisor cohen? aye. supervisor elsbernd? aye. supervisor kim? aye. supervisor mar? mar aye. there are 10 ayes. >> the resolution is approved. colleagues, we still have a number of 3:30 special accommodation as well as a 4:00 p.m. special order. why don't i propose that we recess temporarily and reconvene at 3:45 so that we can roll from the special accommodations into the 4 o'clock special order. unless there is any objection, let's convene at -- let's recess until >> thank you. welcome back to the san francisco board of supervisors meeting of october 2nd, 2012. we are at our 3:30 special order for commendations, and i know we have i believe three
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commendations that will be offered by our colleague from district 9, supervisor campos. i turn it over to you. >> thank you very much, mr. president and colleagues. thank you very much for your time today. i have three presentations, 1 and 2. if i may, i'd like to begin by asking the owners of wild side west to please come forward. thank you very much. [speaker not understood] is here. let me tell you a little about wild side west. and i don't know if all of my colleagues have had the opportunity to visit that amazing and institution bar on portman. but just a little history about wild side west. wild side west opened in 1962 and it is celebrating its 50th
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anniversary. it was opened in 1962 by out and proud lesbians, [speaker not understood] and nancy white. they first opened in oakland and then moved to broadway street here in san francisco before deciding to settle down on portland street in bernal heights back in 1977. since its opening, wild side west has been a san francisco institution. since it moved to bernal heights, it has really been a gathering place not only for lesbians here in our neighborhood and throughout the city, but for an entire community in bernal heights. just a little bit of context, little bit of context. at the time that wild side west moved to cortland street, there were actually a number, numerous lesbian bars scattered
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throughout san francisco. but as i understand it due to gentrification, economic challenges that many of these businesses faced, wild side west is now one of only two lesbian bars that actually remains here in the city and county of san francisco, both of which are actually located in district 9. so, i wanted to take this opportunity as wild side west is celebrating its 50th anniversary to thank, on behalf of district 9 and the entire board of supervisors, the wild side west for being a survivor, for their numerous contributionses to our community. it is a place where many fund-raisers have been held for so many different issues, for providing a safe place for women, for members of a queer community, and again, for the entire bernal heights and quite frankly entire san francisco community. so, it is truly my honor and pleasure on behalf of the board of supervisors to present this
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wild side west will always be a welcoming space for the queer community in the bernal heights neighborhood. on behalf of the board of supervisors, congratulations on 50 years. and we look forward to many more. thank you. >> would you like to say a few words? >> actually, i think some of my colleagues would like to add. so, supervisor olague. >> yeah, i just wanted to congratulate you. i think it's been hard for a lot of lesbian businesses to stay open in san francisco. i think lexington is the only other bar and that is also in district 9. at one time valencia street dominated artimis cafe, [speaker not understood], that closed i think three years ago or something. and where the elbow room is -- i forget the name now it's been so long. what was the name? >> amelia's. >> amelia's. of course the haight had a few
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places. congratulations on having, you know, being able to stay open for so long. >> thank you. >> we're grateful to you also and the sacrifices of a lot of small business owners [speaker not understood] to stay there for the community. so, thank you. >> billy, i don't know if you'd like to say a few words. i just want to say thank you. pat and nancy did this. i just took over two years ago. pat was my mother. but it would be an honor. thank you. >> thank you very much. she helped me get the bar going really good. >> pat, would you like to say a few words? thank you for waiting today. we're really honored to be here today and to have the recognition from the city and county of san francisco. it means the world to us. so, thank you all very much. >> i know that there is entire bernal heights neighborhood that will be celebrating with you. and, again, we want to thank you for what you do for our neighborhood and the entire
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city. [speaker not understood] a party on saturday. (applause) >> thank you, kiloton. and i have another presentation. i'd like to ask officers john cafe and officers david sands as well as we have here with us captain mowser. we have our commander who is here. if you could please come up. we'll give them some time. i know that officer cafe just
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had surgery and hopefully will take the time to recover fully. but let me just say this is a presentation that has been a long time coming. and i think that i can honestly say not only on behalf of myself, but on behalf of my entire office that the work that we have done with officers cafe and sands in many respects has been the most fulfilling work that we have done since i was elected to the board of supervisors. the way that -- let me tell you a little bit about sort of how we got to this point. and we all have talked about and heard about community policing and the importance of having a police department that is connected to the neighborhoods that it serves. one day i was walking down 24th street, i think i was actually maybe going to get a burrito.
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officer cafe approached me. officer gang and sands had been doing gang prevention work at the mission station for a number of years. and officer cafe said to me, you know, we work with a lot of youth. we interact with a lot of young people, mostly young men, and we're kind of getting tired of arresting some of the same young people, arresting them, chasing them. we arrest them, they go through the system. at some point they may serve time, but at some point they come back out and we have to deal with them yet again. is there a way that we can work together to break that cycle? and, so, for the last year and a half we have been working with them where, with young people that they've run into and interact with, and these are young men mostly who have a
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past, who have done some bad things in the neighborhood, but young men who are ready to change their lives. and we started a few months back over a year ago with one young man, and we created this system where the officers, officers cafe and sands, approached the young person, asked them if they are willing to change their lives. and if that commitment is made working with the mission captain, we find them a job. and we have done that for a number of young men in the last year and a half. and i think it's fair to say that in so doing, these two officers have helped us allow these young people to completely change their lives. and our experience has been that once you find them a job,
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that these young people who for so long were creating problems in these neighborhoods, are some of the most effective and efficient workers that you can find. and not only are you helping them to change their own lives, but you're helping them change the lives of their entire families. and i've had the opportunity to meet at least one of the parents for one of the young people involved. when i spoke to him, it just looked like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders. this has had a tremendous impact as well in the neighborhood. a lot of the places where these young men would hang outlook completely different than they did before. * and, so, one young person at a time, we are changing this cycle. and it is incredible that two officers who literally have put their lives on the line, and
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with many of these young people have literally chased them and stopped them from doing bad things, would have the, the, the thought that we want to help these young people, the very young people that we're trying to prevent from doing bad things. we want to help them. it takes a very unique kind of person to be able to do that. and officer cafe and officer sands, you guys have inspired us in ways that i really don't have the words to describe. we had a meeting with many of the young men that you have already helped, and you can see the change in their attitude. you can see the way that they look at life. they have never, many of them have never had a job before. they don't know what it's like to put on a uniform and go to work. and it's hard for you to work
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as they do. many of them never thought that they would ever, ever speak to a police officer and have a relationship with a police officer, but you have made that happen. and in the process you have taught us all a lesson. and it's an example of how this police department is really trying to make community policing a reality, a real meaningful reality in our neighborhoods. i'd like to give captain moser, the commander, an opportunity to say a few words. none of them work, by the way, would be possible without the mission captain being committed to this work. captain mosher has been a strong supporter of this program. before that, captain greg corales was a strong supporter of this effort as was and continues to be chief [speaker not understood]. so, captain mosher. >> thank you. my name is captain moser.
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i have the distinct pleasure of being the commanding officer of officer cafe and officer sands. i want to speak about dedication. these officers order to make a breakthrough literally have to make hundreds of contacts with individuals out there on the street. not every contact is an arrest. not every contact is a law enforcement contact. these contacts are about getting to know these individuals and building trust. sometimes they have to do the job of making that arrest and a lot of times it's building trust and trying to make that breakthrough. and once they do make that breakthrough, you should see the looks on their faces when they come into the office and say, hey, we got a guy, we got a guy that we've been talking to for a year and he wants to come forward and he wants to try it. i can't speak enough about that. their dedication also goes beyond just their work with gang prevention and violence
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prevention. whenever there is an issue in the district, i can always count on these two to come forward and with some sort of idea, hey, how about if we try this, how about if we try that? they're always thinking towards making improvements, not just within the issues that they work with, but within the district as a whole. they are truly an asset not only to the mission, but to the city of san francisco. and it's a pleasure to be their commanding officer. thank you. >> well, with that, i just want to again thank you. and by the way, right now it's not just getting them jobs, but we're trying to connect many of them with city college so that they continue to get an education. one of the young men wants to be a chef. so, we're working to find that person a job with a local restaurant. san francisco has amazing restaurants. so, you're really teaching these kids that they have, you know, choices that they can make and that they can have a new life for themselves.
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but, again, i can't, i can't thank you enough for what you do. so, with that, officers john cafe and david sands, please come on up. if you can say a few words. we just want to thank you, supervisor campos, for this honor. it's just a different aspect of our police work that we thought could change some people's lives. so, thank you very much. >> thank you. i just want to say we couldn't do this without the help from, you know, the upper brass and supervisor campos, we were able to call our captain and supervisor campos at the last minute and say we have a window of opportunity with this young man a time to meet. with supervisor campos' aid, they scrambled and said can you be here by 3:00 or maybe 3:15? and we meet, these young men


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